Our System

You may be familiar with the industry standard known as the moving average or MA. MA clearly shows you what has happened in the past but tells you nothing about the future with any acceptable degree of certainty. If you use a MA with too short a period you get whipsawed in and out of the market. If you choose too long a period you will miss out on the beginning and most important part of the growth opportunity.  TSPA solves that problem by modifying the MA with two proprietary add-on modules we call SS, giving us the system we refer to as MASS.

MASS was developed by adding some advanced mathematical software to the basic MA approach. The MASS system is completely proprietary. We are certain that, because of MASS, we will identify the inflection points and trends. Our back-testing has proven that we will get in on the upward moves and get out before the significant downward trends. When MASS recognizes a trend, we will immediately advise you how to best allocate your TSP account. We want to be really clear that we are not saying we can predict the market. No system accurately predicts the market with any degree of consistency or safety. Our proprietary system, MASS, identifies trends. It is important to understand that predicting and timing are two completely different ideas. With long term investing such as retirement, trend identification is a powerful tool for growth. We have spent years studying these phenomena and developing MASS. See the Results page for more detailed information. Finally, we want to mention that MASS and TSPA takes the emotion out of your decision making. Our goal is that the only emotions you'll have are the relaxed feeling knowing you don't have to worry about your TSP money and the joy when you retire with a more money than you ever imagined.

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