This service was started as a way to help U.S. Government employees to safely grow the value of their Thrift Savings Plan Accounts. We have created a system to do that and want to economically pass it along to other federal employees. As a way to get our message out, we have created this referral program. Our goal is to grow the subscriber base enough to lower the cost of each subscription. We are not trying to get rich, just provide a service in return for all that you do everyday for our country.

If you refer a new subscriber, you will receive a quarterly Paypal payment equal to 20 percent of the subscription amount paid by the new subscriber when they enter your username or e-mail address in the customer comment box during checkout. The amount of this payment is unlimited and, as long as the new subscriber enters your e-mail or username when they subscribe (initial purchase only), you will receive the referral. This offer is only available to current TSP Advisors customers with an active subscription at the time the order in question is processed. Please note that this offer is not available in connection with your own account.

Therefore, if you become a subscriber and refer 5 other annual members, you will earn enough money so that your annual subscription is actually free. Additional referrals will result in your making money. If you have any additional questions about how this program works, please email us here.

TSP Advisors (TSPA) is a commercial service not associated in any way with the U.S. government, Thrift Savings Plan or any other government agency. TSPA does not offer personalized investment advice nor should any information contained in this website be construed in any way as investment advice. All subscribers or any other person utilizing this website should perform their own due diligence before making allocation decisions in their TSP account. TSPA notifications and corresponding advice are for informational and educational purposes only. No assumptions can be made that past performance will be indicative of future results. TSPA does not assume any liability for losses that may result from any persons reliance on the notifications and/or suggested allocations provided by this website.