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If you are considering our service, we have an option that allows you to pay monthly if you just want to try us out. This will require you to renew your membership every month but you can purchase more than one month at a time. Once you see the benefit our our program, we suggest the 6 month subscription to avoid the monthly renewals.

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NOTE: We now only offer payments via Paypal. You can log into your existing Paypal account or make a one time credit card payment. We have re-instated the maximum term available back to 1 year. If you would like to renew less frequently, please consider the annual membership.

Remember to enter the email address of who referred you in the Order Comments box so they can get credit. We invite you to review the specifics of the referral program on the home page if you want to earn extra money by helping connect us to other potential TSPA members.

Price: $15.00

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