The TSP Advisors team would like to thank you for your patience during our website problems. We have completed the re-build of the site and all testing indicates that all features are operating as intended. Unfortunately, we were unable to salvage any prior user data so everyone will have to sign up for a brand new account. Please do not click the Log in link in the header above until you re-subscribe as there are no active user accounts at this time. To our loyal members, we will be offering significantly reduced subscription prices until September 15, 2018. We will post on this page when the discount is no longer valid. Please click on the Subscribe button above to purchase a new subscription. We have included the new subscription prices on that page as the "List price" and the temporary discounted price as the "Sell price".

We have also updated the Current Recommended Allocation as of September 3, 2018.

As a thank you to our existing members, if you use the Contact Us link to request the Current Recommended Allocation, we will reply with the Allocation even if you are choosing not to subscribe. You must have had an active account at some point in 2018 to receive the Current Recommended Allocation via email request. If you have other questions or concerns about your current or former account, feel free to contact us and we will try to accommodate prior subscriber requests.

A service for Thrift Savings Plan members looking to SAFELY GROW their Federal/Military retirement who do not have the time to monitor their accounts on a daily basis.

Questions you should be asking about your TSP account:

  • Are you actively managing your account/do you have the time to do it every day?
  • Do you have a plan and is that plan working?
  • If you are using the L Funds, do you know how they work?
  • At your current rate, will you have enough money in your account to retire?

If you answered any of the questions NO, we can help. Our goals are:

  • Analyze the market daily and advise our subscribers how to allocate their funds to safely maximize their returns
  • Send e-mail and social media notifications when an allocation change is suggested
  • Take the worry out of having to make decisions based what you hear on the news
  • Make the system easy to understand and implement (even for novice investors)

TSP Advisors - What You'll Get: You get an email every time we advise a change in how to allocate balances among the TSP funds. We may also from time to time send you an email with some comments but no recommendations for change. We want you to get the information you need without inundating you with e-mails that you will ultimately view as spam. Remember, we are also part of the Federal/Military family and we want you to get the most you can for retirement, especially after the sacrifices you have made on behalf of our country. To send an e-mail with any questions, click here.

TSP Advisors (TSPA) is a commercial service not associated in any way with the U.S. government, Thrift Savings Plan or any other government agency. TSPA does not offer personalized investment advice nor should any information contained in this website be construed in any way as investment advice. All subscribers or any other person utilizing this website should perform their own due diligence before making allocation decisions in their TSP account. TSPA notifications and corresponding advice are for informational and educational purposes only. No assumptions can be made that past performance will be indicative of future results. TSPA does not assume any liability for losses that may result from any persons reliance on the notifications and/or suggested allocations provided by this website.